January 3, 2014

Think Before You Tweet: Worst Tweets of 2013

While gaining more followers, producing more interactions or having people click through to your website can be the end goal for businesses (and personalities), sometimes content can do more harm than good. Case in point, recently the communications manager at IAC, Justine Sacco (@justinesacco) made a tweet that she probably wishes she could take back.




While entertaining for others, this tweet instantly proved to be a detriment to Sacco’s employer, IAC, the parent company of everything from match.com to Vimeo. Their brand was suddenly dragged through the mud by association. And what’s even more puzzling is how a seasoned communications manager might think her posting wouldn’t be highly scrutinized.

But before we burn Sacco at the stake, this isn’t an isolated event. It happens every day. Case is point, take a look at a recent post on “The Worst Media Tweets of 2013.”

So before you tweet, step away from the computer, tablet or mobile phone and think.